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At Perio Institute, our primary objective is to provide you with stimulating and effective courses that will allow you to gain practical expertise in dentistry. To help you achieve this, we offer a comprehensive roster of dental continuing education seminars. For your convenience, each course is designed as a one- or two-day intensive, so you get all the benefits of expert modeling and practical, hands-on application without disruption to your professional commitments. Browse our overview of dental continuing education seminars, then click “More Info” to register online.

Please note:

  • Dates and prices are subject to change.
  • Please check in one-half hour early.
  • Call 1-800-327-3746 for more information. 
  • We host lunch at each of our courses.
  • Perio Institute provides instrumentation and hands-on materials for all of our courses.

Concepts in Implantology A ‘Dry Run Surgery’ on your own patient!

Instructor: Dr. Charles Schlesinger
Price: $1,495.00

14 Hands-On CE Credits - subject code 691


Summary: This information-filled course will take the practitioner, whether new to implants or experienced, to the next level.  In two days you will explore the concepts necessary to not only incorporate implants into your practice, but give you the tools to be successful in providing your patients with the very best dental care. 

  • Perform a "dry run surgery" on your patient!  **must send scan files to us**
  • Perform basic bone grafting necessary to perform predictable implant surgery
  • treatment plan your patient as well as collaberate with other students and their patients


These are just some of the unique aspects of this hands-on two day workshop!

The Next Step in Bone Grafting & Implant Placement

2 Day Hands On Cadaver Workshop


Instructor: Dr. David Levitt and Dr. Charles Schlesinger

Price: $2250.00 full tuition for 2-day workshop

16 Hands-On CE Credits subject code -691


Summary: This is an intensive two-day workshop for clinicians ready to delve deeper into implant dentistry and improve their understanding and ability to utilize more advanced techniques in guided bone and guided tissue regeneration. The workshop combines informative, in depth lectures with clear-cut, defined hands on surgical experiences utilizing anatomical models as well as fresh frozen cadaver heads.  Because this is a more advanced course we suggest the participants either complete Level 1 or 2 Hahn implant workshops or have the clinical experience of placing 10+ implants.

Crown Lengthening Workshop

1 Day Hands On Pig Jaw Workshop


Instructor: Dr. James Kohner
Price: $695.00

7 Hands-On CE Credits subject code -491



Learn to Create More Predictable Restorations via Crown Lengthening

Want to learn to do Crown Lengthening surgery that will help with everyday restorative problems?  If you attend, you will learn methods to deal with:


  • Cusps fractured below gum tissue
  • Getting impressions of deep preps
  • Subgingival caries and how to expose it
  • Uneven or unaesthetic gum line in anterior area, and much more!


This full day "hands on" course is intended to provide practical solutions for the general dentist that wants to do some of their own crown extensions.  There are many issues that will be addressed at this workshop including biologic width, anterior and posterior crown lengthening, and crown:root ratio.  Learn flap design, osseous management, and detailed step-by-step suturing methods; then practice them on pig jaws and anatomically correct models.

Soft Tissue Grafting

1 Day Hands On Pig Jaw Workshop


Instructor: Dr. James Kohner
Price: $695.00

7 Hands-On CE Credits subject code -492



Soft Tissue Grafting can enhance your restorative results by:


  • Preventing recession around recently placed crowns
  • Stopping recession if it has started
  • Covering exposed roots in the esthetic zone


Can these situations be handled?  The answer is YES to all.  You will learn to perform two types of soft tissue grafts to solve these problems, and get to practice them on pig jaws.  The methods also have application around implants, and those considerations are discussed.

Advanced Soft Tissue Grafting

Price: $1,495.00

14 Hands-On CE Credits - subject code 492

Summary: This comprehensive two-day workshop is for the clinician who has a basic understanding of soft tissue conditions and are looking to advance their skill and treatment options.  All hands on exercises will be performed on pig jaws.

  • cover specific guidelines for when to use autogenous grafts or acellular dermis allografts
  • perform tunneling technique using acellular dermis
  • harvest autogenous grafts properly and learn proper placement of the grafts
  • flap designs and suture techniques for the various treatment plans
  • esthetic recontouring of uneven gingival margins

This is just a sampling of the packed two day workshop.

Fundamentals of Bone Grafting and Socket Preservation LEVEL 1

1 Day Hands On Model Woprkshop

Instructor: Dr. David Levitt
Price: $695.00

7 Hands-On CE Credits subject code -318

Summary: Today, conscientious clinicians are obtaining predictable results grafting fresh extraction sockets for ridge preservation utilizing the newest bone replacement materials and guided tissue membranes. These procedures ultimately result in improved esthetics, simplified prosthetics and importantly, happy patients. This 7 CE, 'Hands-On' course will get you on your way to introducing extraction socket grafting into your practice!

Bone Grafting and Sinus Elevations LEVEL 2

1 Day Hands On Model Workshop

Instructor: Dr. David Levitt
Price: $695.00

7 Hands-On CE Credits subject code -318

Summary: Guided bone and guided tissue regeneration are important parts of clinical dentistry. The Level II Guided Bone
& Guided Tissue Regeneration workshop will begin by reviewing the basic information presented in the Level I seminar
that included bone graft materials, membranes and the necessary instrumentation needed for socket grafting and ridge
preservation. This 7 CE, 'Hands-On' course will continue you on your way to introducing extraction socket grafting into
your practice!

Periodontal Surgical Skills Workshop

Instructor: Dr. James Kohner

Price: $1095.00

14 CE Hours – participation subject code -492

Summary: If your goal is to perform some of your own periodontal surgery for the management of Infective Periodontal Disease, then this is a course that you might consider! It will increase your diagnostic skills to help you identify more factors whether you treat them yourself or refer more thoroughly. There is no better way to enhance the care you can provide your patients than to experience these intensive 2 days and offer patients a chance for long term management of the disease. This hands-on course will clarify diagnosis and treatment planning to help general practitioners feel comfortable with different kinds of treatments, and the potential for success of these approaches, whether you choose to do some of it or refer it out. It will focus on also being able to diagnose contributory factors and offer suggestions for ongoing maintenance care and patient care at home.

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Continue Your Dental Education With Our Hands-On Workshops And Lectures


Continue Your Dental Education With Our Hands-On Workshops And Lectures