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Perio Institute specializes in continuing education, hands-on workshops, and lectures for general dentists. We design our hands-on courses in dentistry to combine expert instruction with practical application. Our courses start with the basics and progress to advanced. Our courses allow you to go back to your office on Monday morning and begin implementing the procedures you've learned.

30 Years of

Excellence in Education

The Perio Institute has excelled at providing hands-on dental courses for over thirty years. Continuing education is our main focus today, just as it was when we began years ago. We strongly believe that the general dentist should be well informed with the most current information to give their patients the best care available.

Guaranteed Classes

With Full Satisfaction

Our classes are guaranteed – full satisfaction. Our instructors are chosen for their knowledge, experience and love of educating as well as for demonstrating the highest ethics and quality.

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Continue Your Dental Education With Our Hands-On Workshops And Lectures